Returning Glory


Help The Children

Pardners are volunteers trained to come alongside the participants at the ranch.

In their training, Pardners will experience and discuss how equine activities parallel life and God’s truth. There will be discussions on how we can help participants discover their own heart issues and pursue wholeness and healing. The goal is to not get in the way of the effective and simple ways horses facilitate this process.

PreparingPardner training is a requirement before you can assist with children. Please contact office for current schedule. Daytime and evening sessions available for volunteering.

PreparingPardners Training


  • Body language
  • Round pen work
  • Understanding the horse


  • Solution focused methods
  • Paralleling spiritual life
  • Getting yourself out of the way
  • Understanding experiential learning

PreparingPardner requirements

  • Horse experience: NONE
  • Commitment: 2 hours weekly for a 6–8 week session — spring, summer or fall
  • Age requirement: 21 years old minimum


Help The Horses

To become a Horse Pardner you will need to learn the horsemanship skills used for the Returning Glory herd. We welcome the opportunity to teach you our methods —

  • Learn the language of the horse
  • Learn prey vs. predator mentality
  • Learn the need for consistency
  • Learn assertive yet non-aggressive leadership
  • Learn to be strong yet compassionate
  • Learn to be your best self for the horse

When you have acquired the necessary skills to help the horses, you are given the responsibility to work with the horses as they require to continue their ministry.

Lessons will be required to learn the skills needed to “be the better horse”.

Please contact the office if you are interested in taking this journey for the horses.



prayer pardners
We are thankful for those who have prayed for Returning Glory for the past 14 years. Bringing the wounded hearts, the Pardners and the horses before our Father is of utmost importance. We welcome you to join us in praying for this equine ministry and the hearts that our Father sends to us. If you are interested in being a part of the PrayerPosse please email Returning Glory at You will receive prayer updates and information on PrayerPosse gatherings. We also welcome any input from you that you have received during your prayer time for Returning Glory.

On His trail together —