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RoundPen is Returning Glory’s equine assisted personal development program for ages 10–80. It is an “experiential learning” opportunity. Experiential — meaning participants learn about themselves through experiencing in the moment activities with horses. EAPD (equine assisted personal development) is a powerful and effective approach to individual and group growth.


Working with horses helps us define AUTHENTICITY in our own behavior, be it personal or group challenges. As you continue through the activity you can explore a different way to be with the horse and experience how those changes effect relational aspects between you and your horse. As participants develop increasing self-awareness as a leader for the horse, they are literally learning to walk the talk.

RoundPen is giving you an opportunity to exploring yourself. No counselor, no therapist — only you, the horse, a facilitator, and the Healer. The skills learned during a RoundPen session are transferable to any of life’s relational challenges. Activities with horses require the participant to apply non-verbal communication, assertiveness, creative thinking and problem solving.



Youth Challenges

During activities with horses, challenged youth will learn alternative ways of responding to difficult situations rather than reacting. They begin to experience their God-created uniqueness and destiny.

ParentCoaching Class

It is required that parent(s) or caregivers participate in a ParentCoaching class without the child. This class will help you better understand EAPD. You will have a greater awareness of how your child’s activities with their horse can be applied to relationships at home, school, and other social settings. Therefore, enhancing your communication with them in all areas. It is recommended that both parents participate for the child’s benefit.

  • Call Roxanne to enroll – 816.223.9662



Equine activities are designed to develop parent-child bonding and build stronger, more respectful relationships for families, “blended” families, and families with adopted children.



Marriage was designed by God to be a thriving, lifelong relationship between a man and a woman. With the challenges of brokenness, parenting, communication, and worldly opinions, you can gain healing insight as you experience the horses.