Returning Glory

April 30, 2020

It Took Awhile

Gary was gone hunting for a week and I was home enjoying the horses. 

Having my quiet time with the horses’ Creator I was able to just worship with no one able to hear this voice – only my Creator.  I was enjoying the time.  But a fight began.  My thoughts kept going to Mark Rashid, a horse trainer in CO.  I asked God to please keep my thoughts with Him – I tend to stray so easily.  But those thoughts were persistent!  I began to wonder if I was being directed to Mark’s web site.  So . . . I followed those “straying” thoughts.

Pulled up the web site and asked – “now what?”.  With no clarity I decided I would just check if Mark may have horses for sale, he rarely does.  But always fun to dream of another magnificent horse added to our herd. 

Surprise!  I found myself looking at this beautiful white horse Mark was selling.  A rare find! I was shocked at the dream picture I was seeing.  I emailed quickly to say I was interested in a purchase.

What was I doing?  Just like that – checking on another horse?

Gary had mentioned many times that it would be fun to have a white horse – like a cavalry horse.  And now there I was – looking right at one – all trained and ready by an amazing trainer, Mark Rashid.   

The worship time changed.  My mind was going a million miles an hour wondering if this really was reality.  I pondered this all for another day then – Gary came home.

I showed him a picture of Pi on the cover of one of Mark’s books and mentioned with a grin that I thought we needed to buy this horse.  He was shocked and just grinned.   I told him the journey and his grin turned to a pondering smile.  He called Mark and Pi became ours. So many more details to the story but .  .  .

Pi was gentle.  Pi was beautiful.  Pi was sold because touring the country for clinics was so hard on him and Mark loved him too much to keep asking that of him.  Pi arrived at Returning Glory a few weeks later – delivered by Mark because he wanted to ok Pi’s new home.

I knew Pi had melanoma cancer bumps under his tail – typical for white/gray horses.  That did not bother me a bit – I now loved him – he was truly a gift from our Creator.

In one of our first classes with Pi he stood in the arena in the bubble of sunlight, a picture was taken and this glorious light showed up, confirming from his Creator that he was special.

10 short years of amazing time together.  He took care of my heart.  My heart could stay quiet with him. Other horses challenged my heart often – Pi seemed to know I needed to enjoy with no challenge.  He continually offered his quiet.

It took awhile . . .  I could not find words to say “good bye” with my heart.

I was headed down the pasture on the tractor to check for downed limbs. I had to look through the red buds going forward – I had to catch my breath – the bright pink flowers framed his grave way down the hill and the beauty tears at my heart.  I will so miss him when quiet horse-heart time is needed.  I will so miss feeling his quiet.  I will so miss experiencing his quiet.

He was laid there in the muddy mess of January, but now red buds surround precious memories and in the beauty I can painfully say “good bye”.       

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