2N +1

That equation is for sure the best there is. It represents sooo much. It means relaxed. It means friends. It means horses. It means relationships that go on and on. It means not concerned for time – or at least not while 2N + 1 is happening.

Calling my husband, I tell him I am running to the barn for a little bit – checking on the horses (this was before we had our own place). He would question – your Pard going to be there? Yep – of course – we both have horses to check and checking together is so much more efficient. After just a few times – the engineer-who-loves-numbers put an equation on the ‘little bit’ of time I would normally spend – 2N + 1.  Do I understand that completely – nope – but MY engineer does. Basically, I figured there was no actual time allotted – just whatever is needed to accomplish the checking. After all, there was a lot of checking to do and you just never knew how long each check would take.

I was grateful for the equation. It meant that he knew me. He knew how much this ‘checking’ did for my heart. He knew, just like his hunting and fishing, there was no need to have a clock when ‘checking’ was needed.

So, one year, when I became a year wiser, my Pard gave me this sign – she made it to remember. And that remembering list could go on forever. To just be and not think of time when all the ‘checking’ needs to happen at the barn.

And, one day, as I was in the barn, looking at that sign and pondering all that 2N+1 represented, I thought about my equation of time with Jesus. How would He write our equation of time together?  Thoughts of guilt tried – no did – creep in. Oh shoot – not enough – not focused – not as enjoyable – not as lost in just being together talking. I was sad. I told Jesus I was sorry and asked Him for His equation – ready to hear the hard reality truth.

Really?  Seriously?  Yep – that sounded like my Jesus.

He spelled it out. >E + Te = R + Ni + Ty.

And He was sooo excited about the truth of that equation.

I cried a smile – I was, too.

We must make another sign  –

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