Returning Glory

May 17, 2020

Park the Bucket . . .

Gary was down the hill tending a fire of all the windblown and dead branches that we had just picked up. I had filled the tractor bucket in the pasture and he had filled his truck bed around the barn and yard.  We were “gittin’ it dunn”! Hopefully to shorten the work day.

Continuing the need to be efficient, after I unload the tractor bucket and head to the paddocks to start the daily task of picking up the manure. 

As I was picking up a few of the piles I was questioning efficiency.   I really wanted to be by the fire with him – because it was with him.

Decided “gittin’ it dunn” was not that important.  “Gittin it dunn” together was the joy of this ranch.

So – I park the manure bucket and head down the hill – tending to the priority of together.

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