Not Chosen –

There were 6 girls in this class and they all were able to pick their top 3 horses that they would like to work with for the next 6 weeks. There were 7 horses to pick from. That, by my math, would be 18 choices. They each took their journals out to the pasture and excitedly jotted down their hearts’ chosen horses.

This horse was not chosen. There were 18 choices for 7 horses and she was not in any of their journals. But I did not realize that until that last class.

During the last class, after the girls have begun to understand what horses can do for a heart, I do a demonstration for them to grasp a little more, Jesus’ heart for them. I have always used Shiloh in the past, but her lameness was too painful. I could not ask that of her. So I sat and I pondered and I prayed. It seemed obvious to me that using the unchosen horse would be good because none of the girls were working with her. I reviewed her story in my mind and began to put some thoughts together. But I was quickly encouraged to check their journals. That first confused me – why? But Jesus led me to look at the 3 horses each girl listed in their journals …. never before had this happened. Never before had a horse NOT been on any of the girls’ list.

I was excited and listening. As usual – I do not get the whole teaching before a demonstration. With Shiloh, I was very much aware of how Jesus would lead in the story of her redemption, but this was cautiously new. I did not know where this teaching would go.

Girls and Pardners line up around the round pen – I begin. I begin with what I know. I share with them that nobody chose this horse AT ALL. Nobody even noticed her enough to put her on a list. Nobody paid the slightest attention to her. I asked them how they felt about that for this horse. The pity came oozing out of their hearts. I let it ooze awhile. I was listening for the next step. I heard and then I asked them. “This not being chosen by anyone has not happened before. What if? What if God kept her hidden for just this time? For just this teaching from His heart for you? What if instead of pitying her, we realize that God hid her from your eyes because He had a different plan for her? Out of the ordinary. Hidden secretly. For a unique purpose.”

I stopped to let them ponder that just a little. I saw faces change. I saw eyes spilling. I heard the whispers – “that’s just like me”, “I feel hidden” (they came from a residential facility). Their eyes were fixed and hope was filling. Dare they begin to believe they were hidden for healing for a unique purpose with Jesus?

Then only God – one of those huge nasty horse flies dared to come and land right in front of me as I was leaning over this horse’s back. Another given teaching opportunity for these struggling hearts. This horse had experienced this emanate pain situation with me often. She learned that if she stood still and waited, the slap of my hand on her back, though it would hurt, would rescue from greater pain. I saw the slight bend of her head, letting me know she knew I was there to help. I saw the row of wide eyes watching through the rails of the round pen as I caused a little slap of pain for this trusting horse. She did not move. She knew she was rescued.

I asked them if they understood. I had to cause a little pain to prevent bigger pain. I cared about the bigger pain and in ‘real’ love caused a lesser pain. And this horse knew. She had experienced the rescue many times before. She waited in trust. The row of eyes looked down – maybe into their pained hearts?

I share with them this horse’s name – Kisses.

I hear the gasping in of hope from these hearts – trying to believe that this was really her name.

Only God – giving these girls kisses through Kisses.

Kisses in the lonely hurting places –

Kisses that invite trust in pain –

Kisses that invite hope in hidden –

Kisses that whisper truth –

Chosen – by Jesus.

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