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RoundPen is Returning Glory’s equine assisted personal development program. It is an “experiential learning” opportunity. Experiential — meaning participants learn about themselves through experiencing in the moment activities with horses. EAPD is a powerful and effective approach to personal growth – combining body, mind and spirit.


Working with horses helps you define AUTHENTICITY in your own behavior, be it in personal or interpersonal challenges. As you learn aspects of horsemanship skills, you will explore a different way to be with the horse and experience how those changes effect relational aspects between you and your horse. As you develop increasing self-awareness and situational-awareness, you are literally learning to walk the talk.

RoundPen gives you an opportunity to exploring yourself — only you, the horse, a facilitator, a quiet ranch, and the Healer. The relational skills learned during a RoundPen session are transferable to any of life’s challenges.

Whether personal or interpersonal brokenness, you will gain healing insight in your experience.


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