Returning Glory

Why Horses?

Relational – Awareness – Focus

“But ask the animals and they will teach you.” Job 12:7

As people work with horses they can feel an authentic paradigm shift — a visceral experience in developing congruency between our hearts’ intentions, our minds’ agenda and the hidden feelings we emote with our body language. What we discover is that the body has a mind of its own — that while our mind may be saying one thing, our body may be doing another — the incongruity of which is rarely conscious, but obvious to the horse and affecting the desired outcome.As participants develop moment to moment conscious awareness for their body language, “miracles” happen and the horses change — their behavior changes from bad to good, from distracted to focused, from stressed to calm, from defiant to humble, frightened to confident. The positive effect on the participant is life changing as they realize for themselves, they are able to dramatically change their relationships with the horses for the better. It’s always the same — how people interact in life is revealed as they work with the horse.


It is an empowering reality check to finally evolve beyond the words of self-help clichés’. Working with horses will catalyze a realization that, yes, beyond merely talking the talk, we CAN walk the talk by evolving in greater awareness for mentoring a model of win-win relationships that lead to lasting relational changes for the better — ultimately transferring these skills to their life setting and personal relationships.

“What horses need to hear from us is what many of us would like to hear from ourselves and each other. They need us to have a calm, focused assurance. They need us to be assertive yet non-threatening. They need us to be both strong and compassionate. In short, horses need us to be our best selves.”

-Chris Irwin

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